Rental Policies


The InTuscany.Net, promotes and concludes tourist leases of farmhouses, vacation homes, villas, and apartments in the name and on behalf of the owners of said properties.


Prices are decided according to current market conditions. Rental agreements are made on behalf of the property owner according to the prices listed on the internet site pages of InTuscany.Net, Via degli Etruschi, n. 10, Castelmuzio (Trequanda) 53020, Siena, Italia.


You make your booking directly with by website, email or phone. We are always available and happy to help you with choosing your property and give you all the assistance for any doubts or questions you might have. You can contact us vi a email or over the phone and we can answer any questions.


In order to confirm the booking a deposit has to be paid via credit card or wire transfer. The percentage of the deposit is not fixed but it varies for each property as indicated in the rental conditions of each specific property, plus 1% for the booking fee. To complete the reservation a balance payment will be necessary. The balance is payable upon arrival or before hand, via credit card or wire transfer, depending on the specific conditions indicated for each particular property.

'InTuscany' will remind you when and advise you how to make the balance payment. If the balance is not paid by the appropriate date, the letting agreement will be deemed to be invalid and the deposit forfeited. Please Note: each communication about the booking included the voucher will be sent via email simultaneously to you and to the property owner or his manager.


The prices shown on our website are determined by the property owners and eventual extra costs payable upon arrival are indicated in the rental conditions of individual properties. The property owners reserve the right to make special offer during the year but these changes do not affect reservations already confirmed.


'InTuscany' strongly advises all holiday makers, here after referred to as clients to consider insurance needs in relation to travel, accident, medical and personal cover. 'InTuscany' can not accept liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage sustained by clients. 'InTuscany' cannot be liable in case of extraordinary events including force majeure, acts of war or terrorism.


Check-in and check-out times are indicated in the rental conditions for each property. In the event that the client arrives later or earlier than the stipulated time and has not communicated that, the owner, his manager and 'InTuscany' decline all responsibility. If you need to arrive later some property owners may request a surcharge if indicated in the rental conditions of the property.


In accordance with Italian legal requirements, on arrival clients must present their passports or identity cards to the owner or his manager in order to be registered. Only those people registered with the authorities may use the property. The number of people over two years of age must not be greater than the number of sleeping places indicated in the web pages of

Any exceptions must be stipulated in the confirmation form. Unless previously agreed with 'InTuscany', the substitution of persons during the letting period is not allowed.


When a security deposit is stipulated on the 'InTuscany' web pages, it must be paid at the time of arrival to the owner or his manager in cash, credit card or wire transfer. The amount will be refunded at the end of the holiday less any deduction made for loss or damage caused by the clients or for any additional costs that were not included in the letting price. The owner or his representative can refuse access to the property if the security deposit is not paid at the time of arrival.

If the client leaves the property before the stipulated check out time and day, the owner or his manager are entitled to refund the deposit to the client by wire transfer or credit card (less any deductions for damages etc.) after having checked the property and its contents. 'InTuscany' declines all responsibility in the event of a dispute between the client and the owner or his manager regarding the security deposit.


The properties will be handed over to the client in good working order, clean and tidy. If an extra charge for final cleaning is stipulated on the web pages and/or on the confirmation form, the holidaymaker is obliged to hand over to the owner or his manager the amount due for the cleaning of the property. If applicable the cleaning of the kitchen corner/the kitchen/the kitchenette such as dirty dishes etc or the removal of rubbish, are the customer's responsibility. If this has not been done, the owner or his representative have the right to an additional charge for this service.

Given the situation regarding energy supply and the laws currently in force in Italy, the use of heating (when it can be switched on and off, temperature, etc.) is controlled by regulations, which vary from region to region. As an indication, heating appliances may be switched on between November and April. Heating and air conditioning are often not included in the letting price and if this is the case will be charged at a daily rate or by consumption. The owner or any one employed by him reserve the right to have free access to the property for maintenance purposes (swimming pool cleaning and repair, gardening, lawn mowing, etc.).


In the case of a change in the number of persons, days or the dates or any other change to your booking, if not comunicated, 'InTuscany' or the property owner or his manager reserve the right to charge the full cancellation penalty as it appears on the web pages. In the case of cancellations or changes due to acts of war, terrorism or force majeure, clients need to be reminded that 'InTuscany' is acting as a booking agent and can only ever be held liable for their fees and commissions. Any amount paid is not refundable the possibility of waiving the cancellation fee or refunding a deposit taken by 'InTuscany' on behalf of the property owner or his manager is entirely at the discretion of the property owner or his manager.


'InTuscany' has made a complete and thorough inspection of each property. The descriptions appearing on our web pages are accurate and have been prepared in good faith. Unless it is impossible to fulfil the contract 'InTuscany' declines all responsibility for any modifications made by the owners without its knowledge. In the event of any problems, the holidaymaker will undertake to do his best to resolve or minimize them in order to avoid any prejudices and keep the situation calm. If the client is not able to do this, he or she must immediately contact 'InTuscany' by email or telephone. He or she must also re state his complaints in writing within 24 hours either by email or post.

The client is obliged to give 'InTuscany' the time necessary to resolve the problem. Unless there is a legal right for the client to cancel, should there be no written complaint supplied as above specified and without an explicit authorisation by 'InTuscany', clients who leave their accommodation prematurely forfeit any claim to a refund or compensation. Absolutely no refunds or compensation will be given to complaints received at the end of the stay. They will not be taken into any type of consideration. If 'InTuscany' has to cancel a booking made by the client for any reason beyond its control, it will offer the client another property of equivalent standard and location.

If the price of the alternative property is less, the difference will be reimbursed to the client but if the price is higher, the client must pay the difference. If no agreement can be reached, both parties are entitled to cancel. 'InTuscany' will refund to the client only the letting price paid; no other amounts will become due or considered. Important information for all clients: as many of the properties that 'InTuscany' offers are not official tourist structures but private houses they do not have standards or categories that are internationally recognised, instead they reflect, in their architecture and furnishings, the local traditions and the personal taste of the owner. 'InTuscany' is pleased to be able to offer you this type of holiday, a chance to become immersed in the culture of the local population, living for a few weeks in the same surroundings as an inhabitant would.

In order to enjoy this experience in the right spirit, it is important that the client accepts and is prepared to appreciate the differences in the properties 'InTuscany' is proposing in comparison with those where he or she normally lives. 'InTuscany' has carefully chosen its properties using a minimum level of quality within which it believes that any person can find satisfaction. 'InTuscany' cannot however exclude the possibility that these differences can sometimes result in minor inconveniences - due to the special nature of the architecture and of traditions in the area - These differences cannot be accepted as complaints.


In the event of controversies arising from the booking, the Siena Law Court only can deal with the matter and Italian law only applies. By agreeing to or signing the confirmation form or authorising the deposit payment stipulated there to be charged to your credit card, there by making the booking, this implies that 'InTuscany''s General Terms and Conditions of Letting have been understood and have been accepted without reserve and without exception. If any of the conditions of this contract have become invalid or were invalid or if in this contract there should be a gap, the other conditions cannot be contested.